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Soggy Strings?



Has your Badminton, Squash or Tennis racquet got broken strings, or has it just gone soggy.

We’ll restring you racquet and get it back up to concert pitch!


Put a Twang in your Game


Amaze your friends and team-mates!

We’re a racquet stringing service in Slough, Berkshire, and cater for Badminton, Squash and Tennis racquets.   Stringing is performed carefully and thoroughly using branded strings and a tension that’s appropriate to your skill level and racquet construction.   By default, we use in-house string preferences and tensions that we feel appropriate to the user. Alternatively, we’ll happily apply customer string and tension preferences. Our aim is a 24 hour turn-round – less, if workloads allow.

We guarantee our racquet re-stringing will make you a

Happy Racqueteer!

If you’ve questions please peruse our FAQ, where you’ll find plenty of information.


How we work.

A Penta Premium 3600 stringing machine with the legendary Wise 2086 electronic tensioning head is used for all of our work – a very superior machine that enables high quality re-stringing to be accomplished, and to a high tension accuracy. We use a 10% Pre-stretch setting to minimise loss of tension over time.

Racquets are first inspected for cracks and defects that may cause failure when re-strung back to the original or higher tension. Badminton racquets, in particular, with their delicate frame, can become warped. This places high, unbalanced stresses on the racquet that can result in the frame collapsing. Such racquets are rejected.

Grommets that are cracked or worn are replaced, as the string, though strong in tension, will quickly fail if it abrades repeatedly on a rough surface during play.

Importantly, we take great care during stringing not to damage the string, as this will leave an inherent weakness and shorten the service life of the racquet.

Each racquet is photographed to guarantee that we replicate exactly the original stringing. And great care is taken to ensure there are no errors in the string weave.


Badminton racquets: £10  –  Tennis Racquets: £12  –  Squash Racquets: £11.  This includes up to 5 grommet replacements. Additional grommets are charged at 20p each. Handle re-taping is £1. Stringing with customer-supplied string is £7, £8 and £9 respectively for Badminton, Squash and Tennis racquets.  Postal Service – add £4 for return by courier. 

Collection and Delivery

Racquets can be dropped-off and collected from our address in St Leonards Road, Windsor. Alternatively, we don’t mind picking up and returning to local sports venues if that’s more convenient. We operate a Postal Service – see above for charges.

Strings and Tension

Unless requested otherwise, we’ll re-string as follows:

  • Badminton Racquets: 25lb – Yonex ‘Hard Feel’ BG65 0.7mm string.
  • Squash Racquets: 25lb – Signum Pro Fibre Power 1.2mm string.
  • Tennis racquets: 55lb – Signum Pro Ultra Power SF 1.33mm string.

What’s your ideal Racquet Tension?

Personal Tension Evaluator Service.

Racqueteer Re-Stringing offers a unique service for badminton players who need a practical means of establishing the most appropriate tension for their racquet.

We’ll meet you at your sports centre and provide you with a set of five racquets strung at 20lb, 22lb, 24lb, 26lb and 28lb respectively.

Using these racquets for a few minutes each, you’ll quickly home in on the tension that suits you best. We just make a nominal £2 charge to cover our travel.


Common questions.


What tension is best for my racquet?

String tension is a much debated subject with all manner of rhetoric, myths, theories and counter-theories, ideologies and pure rubbish wound in. And to confuse things further, manufacturers have produced a whole spectrum of strings, all claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread.

In simple terms, low tensions give a large ‘Sweet Spot’ or playable area of the racquet head, whilst high tensions reduce the Sweet Spot and demand greater accuracy when hitting the shuttle or ball to ensure it connects centrally with the racquet. Higher tensions also give better control.

Low tensions benefit novice players as they need less accuracy when hitting the shuttlecock or ball, but the ability to make powerful smashes is reduced. High tensions enable powerful smashes but can shorten the service life of the strings and also cause arm and shoulder injuries to players who lack sufficient fitness.

In general, low tensions are for the novice and high tensions are for the hot-shots. If you want to achieve powerful smashes and can hit the shuttle or ball accurately, go for a higher tension. If you want a gentle tactical game, a lower tension will do.

However, don’t forget, the biggest factor in this is YOU and how you play.

What happens if my racquet breaks during re-stringing?

If this happens, then clearly there was an inherent weakness in the racquet frame and we can’t be responsible for the breakage. To try and avoid this eventuality, we carefully inspect racquets prior to re-stringing.

I want my racquet strung at a very high tension. Is this possible?

We won’t re-string a racquet at a very high tension unless the make and model of racquet is classified as being able to withstand high tensions. Moreover, if the manufacturers state that high tensions are acceptable, the racquet must be in good physical condition.

My racquet strings are a little slack – can they be tightened?

No – it’s not practical. Re-stringing is the only way to restore the tension.


What is the turn-round time on getting a racquet strung?

We aim for a Next-Day turn-round. In emergency situations we’ll try and re-string in a couple of hours or thereabouts. Call us and we can let you know what our current workload is like.

Do I get a discount for several racquets?

We don’t offer discounts for multiple raquets as we are already highly competitive price-wise and don’t have latitude for further reductions.

Can I bring in multiple racquets for other people to be restrung?

We only deal one-on-one with players who need their racquet re-strung as we like to work with the owners in understanding their individual needs. Besides, there’s always the likelihood that requests for bulk restringing will be made by people who see us as a cheap service that will allow them to add on their own profit.

Can I provide my own string?

Of course – in which case we’ll charge £7 for the re-string.


The strings on my racquet broke after just five games, following restringing.

Is this due to faulty re-stringing? Almost certainly not. We take great care with the restringing and can’t be responsible for what happens to the racquet once you’ve collected it. Badminton racquets in particular take a punishing, especially in demanding games, and a number of factors in the way the racquet is handled and used can cause failure, particularly if high string tensions have been applied. If the shuttlecock isn’t hit correctly on just one occasion it can create a weak point in the stringing which will eventually manifest as breakage.

You’ve re-strung my racquet as requested, but the tension isn’t suitable for me.

We’ll happily re-string your racquet at a more suitable tension, but as it was originally re-strung to your requirements, you’ll have to pay the usual re-stringing fee.


How and when do I pay for the re-string?

By cash on receipt of the racquet. If the racquet is being returned by post, then prior payment is required. This can be done by PayPal or BACS transfer. Details will be given when the order is placed.

More information? – email, phone or text us!  –  7850 656 675