Badminton, Squash and Tennis Racquets Re-Strung

If your racquet has broken strings or poor tension and you'd  like a quality re-string at a sensible price, please get in touch.

We use branded strings, well calibrated equipment, and re-string racquets slowly and methodically to get even tension, correct lacing and interweaving. In particular we pay attention to sharp edges and stress concentrators that may potentially cause string failure. This includes a close inspection of all grommets.

Costs: Badminton - 11 using Yonex BG65 0.7mm string.   Tennis - 15 using Signum Pro Ultra Power SF 1.33mm string.

        Squash - 14 using Signum Pro Fiber Power 1.2mm string

We can also string your racquet using string and tension preferences you specify. We also replace damaged grommets.

Getting your racquet to us: Drop-off to our Windsor address at a mutually agreed time and day. See contact details below.

Location:  Windsor, Berkshire.    T elephone:   07850 656675      Email: